About Our Company

"I am deeply saddened by the idea of the most arable continent being unable to feed itself so I decided a movement was necessary" - Thomas Abanga.

Abanga Farm & Food Systems is a result of our firm believe that farming has a strong potential not only to feed the continent but also serve as a source of economic empowerment for Africa and her young.

The Journey So Far

What started as a dream became 300 acres of rice, then 700 acres, 1,200 acres of last year and 3,000 acres this year. We are just starting

2018 has been significant year as we commenced our subregional expansion, the start of 10,000 acre rice farm project with the Government of Liberia is a vital step in our goal to being the subregional agricultural powerhouse

We would continue to lead the way in introducing innovation into farming by incorporating timeless best practices and the latest technology. Agriculture is a science and it must be practiced as such, farming in Africa lags several centuries behind, it is our mission to inspire a movement of bringing farming into the 21st century