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A&G unveils advanced solution to combat locust plagues

In recent years, locusts have been causing significant damage to crops and vegetation across the African continent, and Namibia has not been spared from this devastating plague. The country has been facing one of the worst locust infestations in decades, with millions of locusts destroying crops and vegetation, threatening food security, and damaging the economy.

To combat this plague, A&G Agro-Mechanical Industries Ltd., a leading agro-mechanical engineering company, presented a support plan to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry of Namibia in October 2021. The plan was designed to provide the necessary resources and expertise to control the spread of locusts and prevent further damage to crops and Namibia’s vegetation.

In addition to the fleet of locust control vehicles, A&G Agro-Mechanical Industries Ltd. also provided the ministry with expert advice and training on locust control strategies and techniques. The company’s team of seasoned agro-mechanical experts worked closely with the ministry’s staff to develop and implement effective control measures and monitoring systems to track the spread of locusts and prevent further damage to crops and vegetation.

One of the key elements of the plan was the use of drones to spray biochemicals against the locusts.

Locust swarms can cover vast areas of land, making it challenging to control their spread using traditional ground-based methods. Drones however offer a more effective and efficient solution to reach the locusts in remote and inaccessible areas.
A&G Agro-Mechanical Industries Ltd. offered to supply the Ministry with a fleet of advanced drones that were equipped with specialized sprayers to spray biochemicals over large areas of land quickly and very efficient. The drones are operated and controlled by professional and experienced pilots who would work closely with the ministry to identify the locust swarms’ locations and plan the best spraying routes.

The biochemicals used in the spraying operations are carefully selected to minimize the environmental impact and reduce the risk to human and animal health. The sprayers are calibrated to ensure accurate and effective distribution of the chemicals, targeting the locusts and minimizing collateral damage to non-target species or areas, e.g., water reservoirs and rivers.

The use of drones to spray biochemicals against locusts has proven to be a highly effective method of controlling their spread. The drones can cover vast areas of land in a short time, making it possible to detect and spray locust swarms quickly, reducing the damage they cause to crops and vegetation.

Overall, the use of drones to spray biochemicals against locusts could be a game-changer in the fight against the locust’s plague in Namibia.

A&G Agro-Mechanical Industries Ltd’s provision of advanced drone technology and trained professionals to operate them can made a significant contribution to the successful control of the locusts’ spread and helped to protect crops, livelihoods, and the economy in the affected areas.

The company’s expertise and resources are instrumental in controlling the spread of locusts, preventing further damage to crops and vegetation, and ensuring food security for millions of people across the country.


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