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Abanga Farms and Avnash – Rice Processing agreement dialogue

Avnash Industries Ghana has held discussions with Abanga Farms allowing the latter to supply paddy rice to the former for processing as part of efforts to add value to the produce for marketing.

This was after the Management of Avnash Industries Ghana, a local rice processor, toured the 1,200 acre rice farm cultivated by Abanga Farms at Guo in the North Gonja District of the Northern Region.

Abanga Farms, a subsidiary of A&G Agro Mechanical Industries, planted AGRA Rice, a high quality rice variety, using modern agricultural innovations as well as good agronomic practices to ensure high yields.

Mr Jai Mirchandani, the Director of Avnash Industries Ghana, who briefed the press after the discussions at Nyankpala on the way forward of the agreement, commended Abanga Farms for employing good agronomic practices in undertaking its commercial rice production.

He said such initiatives must be encouraged and supported by government and other stakeholders for increased domestic rice production to meet the rising local demands.

Mr Thomas Abanga, the Director of Abanga Farms, said he had earmarked large acreages for rice cultivation next year to ensure regular high tonnage supply of quality paddy rice to the rice processing sector to minimise the volumes of rice imported into the country.



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